What is Meowish


is an All-in-one NFT Analytic Platform built by our MeoWomen team. Meowish works as a Freemium Platform. Holders of Meowish NFT can get free and full access of Meowish. Non-holders can only access the basic features of Meowish. To have full access, you need to buy a Meowish NFT, or unlock the Premium using ETH or $MWM.
Every cat wants to catch the best fish in the open sea, and this is what Meowish let you do - hunt your NFT with the right insight, and trade them at the right price.
Meowomen is a women-led project which focus on tools and utilities to help the creators and makers to strive in the NFT space.

Wen Meowish?

Meowish will be available for private preview in Q3 2022. The private preview will be exclusive to Meowish holders and partners. After private preview, Meowish will be general available and open to the public.