Item Rarity

Meowish captures all items traits and corresponding rarity in a collection.

What is Rarity?

Most NFT items have different traits and each trait has different probability of occurrence among all. Rarity is calculated for each trait by the number of occurrence.

Usually rare items are sought after by collectors hence they price higher.

For easier to find your items, you can navigate to item table. It is where you can see all items details. Of course, traits are included in the table as preview. Furthermore, there are other metrics like estimated price, listing price, countdown (if it is listed) etc.

In the Rarity column, you can find a rarity score - which is the overall score of all traits. The number below shows the ranking among all items in this collection. To find out more about how each trait contributes to the overall score, click onto the item.

To compare Items, please visit One Pager Item Comparison

Find Traits

Traits are colour-coded according to rarity and rare traits are listed in the table first as preview.

Gold: Rare

Red: Uncommon

Blue: Common

Plus, there is a filter panel on the left for you to select traits you like.

For more detailed rarity score and rank of each item, you can go to the item details page by clicking the item name or icon.

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